~ Caucus Reform ~

The Republican Party passed a new Rule (15) (c) (7) at the 2008 National Convention suggesting that state parties examine the issue of military voting rights in presidential caucuses and primaries. The next step in the Republican Party is for military voting rights advocates to urge the Republican National Committee (RNC) to pass a resolution urging that states with caucuses take action to enfranchise military voters in those caucuses.  Then military voting advocates can urge state parties with caucuses to reform their Rules.

The Democratic Party is also considering the issue of absentee caucus voting.

Our next action item is for volunteer advocates to attend the next RNC meeting  in January 2011 and to urge RNC and state party leaders both to support the express mail legislation and to consider the issue of military voting rights in caucuses.

If the RNC and state parties act in support of military voting rights, it will build pressure for Democrats to act as well.
In addition, Military Voting Rights USA provided testimony to the Temporary Delegate Selection Committee of the RNC, urging the RNC not to impose a mandatory calendar on states in any way that could force states whose legislature refuses to comply with an RNC mandate to replace their 2012 primaries with caucuses.